This is the most recent version approved for general release by the ABDA and is a required update for all locations.
Several iterations have been released in between and this version, with a focus on making adjustments to reporting, implementing cash machines, and improving data security.

In general, there are no items that will affect most users, or impact your processes. If you intend to implement a Cash Machine in the near future, please let the ABDA know so that we can ensure you have the correct instructions and support in doing so.

Want to request a change or report a non-urgent bug? Use the Quality Monitoring System to do so. 

This version includes the following changes since the last general release:

Customer Management

  • Updated Customer table to only include local Depot’s customers and any ABDA-shared customers (such as Cans for Kids charity account)

  • Ensured ability to put orders On Account without needing Payment ability enabled on a terminal


  • Ability to run basic reports based on custom templates was introduced

Cash Machines

  • Created ability for Returns paid out at Cash Machines to appear properly in Cash Reconciliation report

  • Ensured that Cash Machine in addition to a normal Cash Drawer are reconciled separately and properly

  • Introduced Cash Dispenser flag for terminals that are set up as Cash Machines

  • Adjusted maximum duration of open cash drawer for Cash Machine to 2 weeks

Laura Nelson
version - August 2018

The following items were released in version on August 29, 2018. For samples of changes, please watch the video supplied here. 

Want to request a change or report a non-urgent bug? Use the Quality Monitoring System to do so. 


  • Customer names are no longer shortened when selecting to put an order on account
  • BREG and Suspend buttons have been swapped so that users do not accidentally suspend orders
  • Customer Message is now Depot-specific
  • Returns screen tally colours can be customized per-user (in Settings > Users)
  • Depot Releases notifier added at bottom of Returns screen - only flashes when there is a Release that has not been read by the user currently logged in
  • Adding float in Returns updates current float message correctly (if float threshold is enabled)
  • Open Drawer button added to Returns screen (for cash drawer terminals)


  • Open Drawer button added to Cashier screen to open till without a key - this is a role-based permission
  • Sales items can be suspended from Cashier
  • User feedback in Cashier has been improved so that when attempting to use function buttons, feedback is provided if the function is not available
  • Expenses can be voided and are clearly marked as voided in Cashier
  • Option available to combine receipts for multiple orders (on per-terminal basis in Settings > Terminals)


  • In Customer Management, the total balance owing to all customers displays. It will also print out if the view in Customer Management is printed
  • Cash out receipt no longer creates second "Returns" line for On Account orders; all types of transactions are accounted for correctly on cash slip
  • Cashier View calculates current float accurately when orders are put on account without being cashed out


  • Number of bags picked on a shipment displays properly when creating a load
  • eRBill submissions with 0 pallets on load no longer results in error, and displays properly as transmitted successfully
  • Column headers on printed RBills have been updated to reflect ABCRC's new codes


  • Filter added to Return Orders report to separate On Account orders from Cash orders
  • Shipping Container Summary has been renamed to Bag Summary
  • Exporting Customer Statement to Excel now displays customer information completely
  • Customer Statement balance forward appears correctly regardless of filters placed on report
  • Deposit value and number of bags per category have been added to Current Inventory report
  • Shipping Container Reconciliation report has been introduced
  • Max print job error when attempting to load reports has been resolved

Materials & Products

  • Category Inventory functionality has been improved to allow user to see adjustments and view reconciliation more easily
  • Print button added within Category Inventory to allow for an easy to read view of activity in each category in the selected date range
  • Number of bags and deposit value has been added to Current Inventory view


  • Activity Log captures more information (examples: cash adjustments created, 
  • Error logs are captured centrally for all terminals in the new Error Logs section. Logs can only be captured if the Depot Server service is running. ABDA staff will check on this for each terminal during the update process.
  • 12 new Alerts are available, including ones for eRBill failures, customer balance exceeding any custom amount, and adjustments to cash areas


  • Printed schedules will include info for all days (previously was not printing schedule for Tuesdays)
  • Export Detail function in Export to Payroll no longer results in error
  • Payroll values are correct while viewing in Export to Payroll


  • Roles have been updated with new permissions to use the Open Drawer function and view the new Shipping Container Reconciliation report
Laura Nelson
version - September 2017

Some items addressed in this phase of development:

  • Depot Server service interruptions have been addressed
  • BREG updates are now operational
  • Ability to disable and re-enable customer accounts
  • Customer information can no longer be removed
  • Ability to disable and re-enable user accounts
  • Bin count text has been improved to not overlap the button description
  • Added an ability to disable receipt auto-print, and to print receipts on demand
  • Ability to customize background colour to category buttons on Returns screen has been added
  • Size of order tally on customer screen has been increased
  • Paying member orders by cash does not result in defects
  • Cash transactions on member accounts now appear on Customer Statement reports
  • Current Inventory report differentiates between tagged and untagged inventory quantities
  • Time and date selector has been added to all reports and some other areas of rePOR
  • Maximum count per line permission has been added to Roles
  • Printing Activity Log will only print the current view from Activity Log
  • Using the timeclock punch in/out function will not display the user ID when entered
  • Using Back function in Alerts will return to correct module
  • Ability to Unvoid a bag tag has been added
  • Tagging: changed “Cancel” button to “Close”
  • Tagging: changed “Save” to “Save & New” and added “Save & Close” button
  • Tagging: corrected the order of fields when viewing existing tags
  • Spelling errors visible throughout rePOR have been addressed
Laura Nelson