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about the ABDA

Alberta has over 200 Bottle Depots serving all areas of the province – these independently owned and operated businesses are part of a highly regulated and heavily monitored system that ensures all types of beverage containers sold in Alberta are returned for recycling – that is, kept out of ditches and landfills. Depots are proud to be an important part of Alberta’s environmental services!

The ABDA proudly represents our members who strive to provide their services in a convenient and quick manner that reflects the highest levels of integrity. Our members are “eco-financial institutions” – we convert your beverage containers to cash and ensure those containers are properly recycled. Depots are proud to be key parts of a world-leading beverage container return and recycling system!

The deposits on beverage containers are your money held temporarily in trust by the beverage manufacturers (not the government) until you bring your containers back to a Depot. Alberta’s Bottle Depots pay you that full deposit value in return for your empties, and they count, sort, and assemble shipments of containers. The manufacturers receive the sorted and counted containers, then repay your deposit to the depots and provide a small additional payment for sorting the containers into 19 different categories for maximum recyclability and maximum material value. Depots are proud to help the manufacturers get top-dollar for the recyclable material that makes up beverage containers; this keeps the system costs to a minimum.

Over $30 million from deposits flows to Alberta community organizations through bottle drives and return campaigns every year. Depots are proud to be an integral part of your community!



Service Excellence


In January 2017, the Alberta Bottle Depot Association experienced a massive loss with the passing of ABDA President, Trevor Nickel. In Trevor's short tenure leading the ABDA, he brought a spirit of improvement to everything he did. In memory of that commitment to raising the bar, the ABDA Service Excellence Awards have been renamed to the Trevor Nickel Service Excellence Awards in his honor. We cannot wait to hear how Depots are continuing to improve and advance the industry over the upcoming year.


Congratulations to the 2018 Awards of Excellence recipients!


2018 Awards of Excellence Recipients:

The Service Excellence award is one of several annual industry award categories. Each October, the Depot Industry recognizes Depots who have gone above and beyond for their Customers and who have performed admirably in their duties. This year, the ABDA opened up nominations for the Trevor Nickel Service Excellence Award to the Albertans who know their Depots best: you! The Service Excellence Award considers a Depot’s performance in the following areas:

  1. Service levels,

  2. Customer convenience,

  3. Staff safety, and

  4. Innovation.


The 2018 Trevor Nickel Service Excellence Award recipients are:

Airdrie Bottle Depot

We have seen the Airdrie Bottle Depot continually go above and beyond to improve their space and service. In fact, this is the 3rd consecutive year that they have received this award, which is unprecedented. Since the last conference, the Depot has implemented new systems that have improved customer interactions, including integrating a Tomra line into their POR software to allow for a seamless transaction between the technologies, which reduces risk of error and increases customer confidence. The appreciation from their community is apparent in the comments received through Applaud a Depot, and the extraordinary cleanliness that greets customers entering this Depot is definitely something to be proud of.


Beddington Bottle Depot

With 15 public nominations, it’s clear that customers at the Beddington Bottle Depot have noticed positive changes this year. They are now offered an option to use the recently installed Tomra tables as part of the updated look and feel of the Depot. Convenient electronics recycling is also now available on site. We heard from customers about quick and friendly service and a clean atmosphere, as well as admirable efforts to engage with groups, schools, and individuals to make their fundraising efforts more successful. This is the first year that Beddington has been recognized in this category, and it is well-deserved!


Clareview Bottle Depot

A focus on improved customer experiences at Clareview Bottle Depot has been evident over the past year. Changes including adding an express drive-through lane, adding a cash machine, updating the handwash stations and lighting, and more. Their partnership with the Greater Edmonton Animal Rescue Society (GEARS) and others has been recognized in their community. Well done, Akbar, Zahra and team!


Evansburg Bottle Depot

This represents the first award for the new operators of Evansburg Bottle Depot. Since purchasing the Depot in February of this year, the front end area has been renovated extensively. Their reach into the community has grown exponentially under the new ownership, which has been very well-received. As new operators, they quickly fulfilled their requirement to implement POR, along with great efforts to increase the customer experience in other ways. We are proud to welcome new operators who are actively finding ways to improve their operations – well done!


Strathcona Bottle Depot

Significant improvements to the customer area have been seen at the Strathcona Bottle Depot over the past year. New bright lighting, energy-efficient features, paint, and improved signage have refreshed the Depot and made it more inviting. Dave is actively involved in improving his Depot and is always finding ways to connect with his community through activities customer appreciation days. He has created and displayed images on screens to communicate with his customers on acceptable products and important messaging and is continually asking questions to better understand his customers and our industry. Congratulations, Dave.


Summerside Bottle Depot

Summerside Bottle Depot has frequently been involved in exploring innovative technology and processes over the years. In the past year, the Depot has adopted a Tomra system and implemented it with their Point of Return software, added a next in line system to assist with customer direction, and have redirected their customer flow by separating their entrance and exit doors. Their assistance in fundraising for community groups has had tangible benefits such as upgrading the local playground. For these reasons and more, Summerside is now the recipient of back-to-back awards in this category. Great job!


Vecova Bottle Depot

The physical transformation of Vecova Bottle Depot over the past year has been astounding – it looks like an entirely different Depot. In integrating the Tomra system, their customer service area has been completely revamped to integrate new technology, while still allowing their customers to interact with the friendly faces they’ve come to know and trust.

Operating as part of the larger Vecova family, the Depot has cultivated a unique presence with the population they serve via a pick-up service that continues to grow. We are honored to present Vecova with this award.


Warburg Bottle Depot

Paul and Rajdeep have a wide array of services that they have steadily implemented in addition to their Depot and convenience store in Warburg. Their newest services in the past year include a dog wash, laundromat, and UPS access point for the area – talk about a one-stop shop. Their personal connection to the residents of Warburg has been demonstrated and highlighted again and again. We look forward to visiting this family-run location to deliver this award in the coming weeks.

The Beverage Container Management Board nominates Depots for the Program Excellence Award based on performance in the following areas:

  • UCA submissions

  • Mystery Shopper performance

  • PAP performance

 The 2018 Program Excellence Award winners are:

Ability Bottle Depot North (Lethbridge)

All Seasons Bottle Depot (Wabamun)

Beaverlodge Bottle Depot

Callingwood Bottle Depot (Edmonton)

Cosmos 2 Bottle Depot (Red Deer)

Daysland Bottle Depot

Delburne Bottle Depot

Jasper Bottle Depot

North Hill Bottle Depot (Calgary)

Taber Container Depot


The Alberta Beverage Container Recycle Corporation nominates Depots for the Industry Excellence Award based on performance in the following areas:

  • Audit results

  • Control of shipping supplies

  • Accuracy of RBills

  • Shipment preparation and load quality

  • Communication

The 2018 Industry Excellence Award winners are:

Ability Bottle Depot South (Lethbridge)

Coaldale Bottle Depot

Daysland Bottle Depot

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Over 2,500 customers have sent in an Applaud for their local Depot - and they're still rolling in! Applaud a Depot features a quick survey designed to give kudos to the hardworking staff in our industry. Throughout the year, we will draw winners from the submissions to award customers sending in the Applauds, as well as the Depots they have Applauded! So far, we have celebrated 8 winning Depots and their corresponding customers. Be sure to get your name in the next draw!





The Alberta Bottle Depot Association represents all of the over 200 Bottle Depots in the province of Alberta.

If you need to contact us for any reason regarding a specific Depot in your community or a general inquiry regarding our industry, please get in touch with us!

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