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We support the over 200 Depots across Alberta in their efforts to serve you! If you are looking for your local Depot, please visit For all other Beverage Container Recycling information, please visit

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about the ABDA

Alberta has over 200 Bottle Depots serving all areas of the province – these independently owned and operated businesses are part of a highly regulated and heavily monitored system that ensures all types of beverage containers sold in Alberta are returned for recycling – that is, kept out of ditches and landfills. Depots are proud to be an important part of Alberta’s environmental services!

The ABDA proudly represents our members who strive to provide their services in a convenient and quick manner that reflects the highest levels of integrity. Our members are “eco-financial institutions” – we convert your beverage containers to cash and ensure those containers are properly recycled. Depots are proud to be key parts of a world-leading beverage container return and recycling system!

The deposits on beverage containers are your money held temporarily in trust by the beverage manufacturers (not the government) until you bring your containers back to a Depot. Alberta’s Bottle Depots pay you that full deposit value in return for your empties, and they count, sort, and assemble shipments of containers. The manufacturers receive the sorted and counted containers, then repay your deposit to the Depots and provide a small additional payment for sorting the containers into over 20 different categories for maximum recyclability and maximum material value. Depots are proud to help the manufacturers get top-dollar for the recyclable material that makes up beverage containers; this keeps the system costs to a minimum.

Over $30 million from deposits flows to Alberta community organizations through bottle drives and return campaigns every year. Depots are proud to be an integral part of your community!



Service Excellence

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2019 Nominations Now closed

The Service Excellence award is one of several annual industry award categories. Each October, the Depot Industry recognizes Depots who have gone above and beyond for their Customers and who have performed admirably in their duties. The ABDA has opened up nominations for the Trevor Nickel Service Excellence Award to the Albertans who know their Depots best: you! The Service Excellence Award considers a Depot’s performance in the following areas:

  1. Customer Experience

  2. Communication & Openness

  3. Accessibility

  4. Value for Time



In January 2017, the Alberta Bottle Depot Association experienced a massive loss with the passing of ABDA President, Trevor Nickel. In Trevor's tenure leading the ABDA, he brought a spirit of improvement to everything he did. In memory of that commitment to raising the bar, the ABDA Service Excellence Awards have been renamed to the Trevor Nickel Service Excellence Awards in his honor. We cannot wait to hear how Depots are continuing to improve and advance the industry over the upcoming year.

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Find a Depot

With over 200 Depots around Alberta, you are always close to a local bottle Depot where they can provide A refund in exchange for the return of your beverage containers!

finding a bottle Depot near you is as easy as checking out our interactive map displayed below




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Over 3,500 customers have sent in an Applaud for their local Depot - and they're still rolling in! Applaud a Depot features a quick survey designed to give kudos to the hardworking staff in our industry. Throughout the year, we will draw winners from the submissions to award customers sending in the Applauds, as well as the Depots they have Applauded! So far, we have celebrated 8 winning Depots and their corresponding customers. Be sure to get your name in the next draw!





The Alberta Bottle Depot Association represents all of the over 200 Bottle Depots in the province of Alberta.

If you need to contact us for any reason regarding a specific Depot in your community or a general inquiry regarding our industry, please get in touch with us!

If you are looking for a Depot, please visit