2017 Awards of Excellence Recipients:

The Service Excellence award is one of several annual industry award categories. Each October, the Depot Industry recognizes Depots who have gone above and beyond for their Customers and who have performed admirably in their duties. This year, the ABDA opened up nominations for the Trevor Nickel Service Excellence Award to the Albertans who know their Depots best: you! The Service Excellence Award considers a Depot’s performance in the following areas:

  1. Service levels,

  2. Customer convenience,

  3. Staff safety, and

  4. Innovation.

The 2017 Trevor Nickel Service Excellence Award recipients are:

Ability Bottle Depot North – Lethbridge is lucky to call itself home to two Award winners tonight; ABCRC presented Ability South with an Industry Excellence Award and I have the pleasure of presenting a Service Excellence Award to Ability North. Both of these Depots deserve your recognition for their dedication to serving both their front-end customers as well as ABCRC with Excellence. Next year, Ability will be celebrating 40 years in the community where they have served with distinction not just as a Bottle Depot, but as a community partner to those with disabilities. They currently offer eWaste and clothing recycling and have been ahead of the curve when it comes to the safety and continued support of their staff and customers. Fundraising for things like C4K and last year’s fires in Fort McMurray put them on the map as somebody to be proud of, and we salute you!

Airdrie Bottle Depot –At the Airdrie Bottle Depot, customer service has been a focus that has had them receive back to back Service Excellence Awards. This year, they are being highlighted for their commitment to accuracy at the buying counter. By adding a “customer complaint” button to their POR, they are more likely to be able to follow up with the customer and staff if there are any concerns raised. They also added cameras aiming at their buying stations from multiple directions in order to capture and review any possible issues raised by their staff or customer. They truly want to remove any possibility of incorrect counting and prove to their customers that they can be held to a higher standard, and their customers think that this is worth recognizing!

Cosmos 1 Bottle Depot (Red Deer) – Over the past year, Cosmos has been focused on expanding their pickup services with multiple trailers available to the public. Customer comments regarding the ease of dealing with this location for bottle drives were numerous, both through awards nominations as well as the Applaud a Depot program. Their desire to create partnerships with local agencies, particularly to help fund raise for non-profit organizations, has been widely recognized throughout the community. Trinesh in particular was mentioned by customers for going above and beyond in his role at the Depot, so we are pleased to present him with this award for Cosmos 1.

Hythe Bottle Depot - What we have heard from customers of the Hythe Bottle Depot is that there’s a personal touch. Gwen knows her customer base, and operates her Depot to better serve them; in the past year, this has been demonstrated through renovations to make the building more accessible and accommodating, as well as making extra efforts to assist the large senior population in town. Their community involvement and stellar service has contributed to receiving this award tonight.

Plus 2 Bottle Depot (Grande Prairie) – We have seen lots of activity from this Depot in fundraising efforts for organizations near and far, from raising money for a local school’s playground, to their exceptional efforts for crisis fundraising when a natural disaster happens in our province. There has been an increased focus on making Depot visits easier for customers as well, with a bag and tag service that is unique to this location. Additional services like an express lane and pick ups for customers have increased their profile in the community. This commitment to community engagement is definitely award-worthy!

Summerside Bottle Depot (Edmonton) - Customers at the Summerside Bottle Depot have been impressed by innovative technology that’s been introduced at the Depot over the past year, including a Tomra line. Community partnerships have made an impact for charities and organizations in the area, and improvements have been made inside and outside of the Depot to enhance the customer experience for those visiting. We are happy to recognize these ongoing improvements at the Summerside Bottle Depot!

Walden Bottle Depot (Calgary) - In 2016, Calgary welcomed another new Depot to the deep South with the opening of Walden Bottle Depot. Despite the NIMBYism that was challenging to walk through, their customers have welcomed in the staff and management with open arms. The smiles and clean environment have helped raise the expectations of their surrounding Depots and have helped dissuade any residents who may have been concerned with having a Depot in such close procimity to their homes. At Walden, you will find honesty, integrity, fairness and we believe that they are a shining example of the 21st century Depot and one worth recognizing.

The Alberta Beverage Container Recycle Corporation nominates Depots for the Industry Excellence Award based on performance in the following areas:

  • Audit results

  • Control of shipping supplies

  • Accuracy of RBills

  • Shipment preparation and load quality

  • Communication

The 2017 Industry Excellence Award winners are:

Ability Bottle Depot South (Lethbridge)

Olds Bottle Depot

The Beverage Container Management Board nominates Depots for the Program Excellence Award based on performance in the following areas:

  • UCA submissions

  • Mystery Shopper performance

  • PAP performance

 The 2017 Program Excellence Award winners are:

2A Bottle Depot (Carstairs)

Beaumont Bottle Depot

Butte Bottle Depot (Picture Butte)

Calmar Bottle Depot

Joussard Bottle Depot

Langdon Bottle Depot

Magrath Bottle Depot

Walden Bottle Depot (Calgary)

Warburg Bottle Depot

Winterburn Bottle Depot (Edmonton)