eRBill Will Not Send

When a load is shipped, the eRBill should be transmitted immediately after the paperwork has been confirmed as received by the carrier.

As long as all proper steps are followed when shipping a load, you will be prompted to transmit the eRBill after printing the physical RBill. When Yes is selected, a confirmation should appear to let you know that the eRBill has been sent successfully.

However, if there is an error present in the load or an issue communicating to ABCRC, you will receive a different message to indicate that the eRBill transmission has failed. There are several common causes for this type of error, including those listed below. Most of the time, you should be able to resolve the issue by following the steps indicated. There are times that there is no way for a Depot to resolve the transmission problem. In this case, please follow the steps indicated at the bottom of the page.

  • Computer time is incorrect

    • If the computer time on the terminal that you are attempting to eRBill from is incorrect, you will receive a message similar to one of these:

      “The security timestamp is invalid because its creation time is in the future”

      “An unsecured or incorrectly secured fault was received from the other party. See the inner FaultException for the fault code and detail.”

    • To correct this, it is best to update the computer time. However, you may also attempt to send the eRBill from a different terminal that has the correct time.

    • To change the computer time on your terminal, exit rePOR and open Control Panel. Go to Date & Time settings and ensure the date and time are correct before applying changes.

  • Internet is not functional

    • If there is no Internet connection available on the terminal you are attempting to transmit from, it will not be able to communicate with ABCRC’s server.

    • If there is another terminal with Internet connectivity, transmit the eRBill from there. If there is no Internet connection available in the Depot, try resetting your router or contacting your service provider immediately.

    • If you are unable to transmit for the foreseeable future, send the RBill manually as outlined at the bottom of this page, or contact ABCRC to make arrangements to communicate the RBill via different means.

  • Contents of a bag do not match the code on tag number

    • A check is performed before transmission to ensure that there are no bag errors in the load. If, for example, a tag for PET 0-1L has been scanned, but is said to contain PET Over 1L as its contents, this will prevent the load from transmitting.

    • If this happens, you will receive an error such as:

      “Characters 5 to 8 of Tag Number 0000600300000050007 do not match the item type specified for the bag”

    • Use this information to determine the affected tag(s) on the load. Look up your shipped load, and select Unship.

    • Edit the load and move the affected tag(s) back to the left side of the screen. Save the load.

    • In Tagging, find the affected tag(s) and edit to correct. If needed and possible, you may replace the physical tag on the bag and re-tag it in rePOR as well. Once corrections are complete, go back to your In Progress shipments. Edit, and place the correct tags back on the load, and proceed as normal.

  • eRBill has already been sent for the load number

    • This error will appear as:

      “eBill has already been sent for this shipment”

      In this case, the eRBill has already been transmitted. eRBills cannot be sent more than once for a single load.

    • If you believe that there is an error in the eRBill number, please contact the ABDA by completing a QMS ticket.

  • eRBill is in progress

    • If an attempt is made to transmit before a load has been set to Shipped, the following error will appear:

      “Cannot send eRBill for InProgress shipment”

    • This error will appear if you are attempting to transmit by using the eRBill button at the top of the Shipping screen on a load that has not yet been shipped. In Progress loads have been saved, but not shipped. If you have printed the eRBill, the date will also likely be incorrect. Be sure to edit the load to be able to press the Ship It button, and then print and eRBill following that.

If you require assistance from the ABDA, please submit a QMS ticket under the POR category with details about the issue so that we can follow up as soon as possible.

In the event that an eRBill issue cannot be resolved, please refer to the Service Agreement language below.

From Schedule E:

1.4. In the event that there is an inability to transmit the eRBill:

1.4.1. The Depot will contact CSA to inform them of the issue;

1.4.2. the Depot will not attempt to resubmit the eRBill unless directed to by CSA; and

1.4.3. the Depot will email or fax a copy of the eRBill printed copy to the provided email/fax numbers at CSA

Laura Nelson