version - September 2017

Some items addressed in this phase of development:

  • Depot Server service interruptions have been addressed
  • BREG updates are now operational
  • Ability to disable and re-enable customer accounts
  • Customer information can no longer be removed
  • Ability to disable and re-enable user accounts
  • Bin count text has been improved to not overlap the button description
  • Added an ability to disable receipt auto-print, and to print receipts on demand
  • Ability to customize background colour to category buttons on Returns screen has been added
  • Size of order tally on customer screen has been increased
  • Paying member orders by cash does not result in defects
  • Cash transactions on member accounts now appear on Customer Statement reports
  • Current Inventory report differentiates between tagged and untagged inventory quantities
  • Time and date selector has been added to all reports and some other areas of rePOR
  • Maximum count per line permission has been added to Roles
  • Printing Activity Log will only print the current view from Activity Log
  • Using the timeclock punch in/out function will not display the user ID when entered
  • Using Back function in Alerts will return to correct module
  • Ability to Unvoid a bag tag has been added
  • Tagging: changed “Cancel” button to “Close”
  • Tagging: changed “Save” to “Save & New” and added “Save & Close” button
  • Tagging: corrected the order of fields when viewing existing tags
  • Spelling errors visible throughout rePOR have been addressed
Laura Nelson