Unlabeled Beverage Containers & Unregistered Flavors of Beverage Containers

From: BCMB
To: Depots

This is a follow-up notice to the June 21, 2019, notice regarding unlabeled containers.

The BCMB, supported by the ABCRC, would like to confirm the process for accepting and paying for unlabeled containers and unregistered flavors of brands already registered in our system.


Depots are permitted to accept, pay for, and ship unlabeled beverage containers and unregistered flavors of beverages where the brand and/or the manufacturer is already registered in the Alberta system subject to the below conditions.


Please continue to use your professional judgement to protect Alberta’s beverage container system from fraud. If something seems suspicious, a customer brings in large volumes of unregistered, unused, or compacted containers, or there are

indications the containers have come from out of Province, please do not pay for the containers and complete a Container Validation Request (CVR) form using the QMS.

A Depot may accept, pay for, and ship the above noted beverage containers under the following three conditions:

  1. The beverage containers are reasonably identifiable as being a beverage container sold by an Alberta manufacturer and are used.

    *As a note: Off-spec beverage containers, containers that are brand new and have not been filled or used by the manufacturer, are not eligible for a refund of the deposit as the manufacturer will have not reported the sale of the container or remitted the deposit.

  2. Please consider large volumes (90+ beverage containers per customer transaction) of the same type of beverage container or of compacted beverage containers as suspicious and follow the BCMB’s Container Validation Request (CVR) process by submitting a QMS ticket.

  3. The beverage containers do not display indicators that they were sold or brought in from out of province, including but not limited to:

    a. Beverage containers containing exclusively fluid ounces on their labelling or on the container;

    b. Beverage containers containing no English on the labels or containers;


    c. Customer vehicles with out-of-province license plates.

Please remember that use of the Container Validation Request (CVR) form is considered best practice and we encourage depots to use the CVR for any issue or suspicious behavior that you feel should be reported or where you need support. Regular use of the CVR provides the industry with greater opportunity to:

a) Improve the Registration database and ensure that it is representative of all beverage containers sold in the Province;

b) Hold manufacturers accountable for their regulatory responsibilities; and

c) Prevent fraud from damaging the reputation of the depot network and the industry.


If the above conditions have been met, you will be paid for the beverage containers that you ship to ABCRC and they will not be deducted from audit counts.


We appreciate your continued support in working to maintain a current database of registered products to assist with quick beverage container identification in the depot. If you come across a beverage container that does not appear in our

database that you think should be there you, please create a ticket using the QMS and send it to the BCMB to get the process started.

Please also remember that some beverage containers will not be sold in Alberta. Please refer to the “unregistered” tab of the BCMB’s Registration database for a list of those products. The Registration database can be found on the BCMB’s website at bcmb.ab.ca

Laura Nelson