Stolen Containers – Red Deer and Surrounding Areas

Attention Depot Operators and Staff,

The Beverage Container Management Board (BCMB) received notification from a Depot in Red Deer, that 3 men attempted to return a large number of unsealed, unfilled, aluminum cans from Something Brewing. One of the men is a short male, wearing a blue vest. One man has a shaved head and mustache. They were driving a stolen, dark grey SUV with license plate BMD-1968. When asked to complete a Container Validation Request (CVR) form, the customer ran out of the Depot. After he left, the Depot was able to confirm with the brewery that the material was stolen and a complaint has already been filed with RCMP.

Please be aware that these containers could be brought into your Depot in the near future (especially if you are in close proximity to the Red Deer area). If you suspect that these containers have arrived at your Depot, the CVR process should still be followed. Although the material is confirmed as stolen, these men should not be confronted directly. The customer will likely flee with the material. In the event that they do fill out the CVR form, please quarantine the containers at your Depot – do not provide a refund to the customer and do not ship the containers to ABCRC.

In either case, if these individuals attempt to bring this material to your Depot, contact both local RCMP and the BCMB immediately to advise.

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Sandra Pinheiro