Unlabeled Containers

This notice is responding to industry frustration over the lack of clarity, consistency of process and standards for accepting, shipping, and paying for unlabeled containers.

The BCMB has received numerous QMS tickets, dispute resolution requests, emails, and phone calls regarding unlabeled containers. The BCMB, together with the ABDA and ABCRC have been working diligently over the last several months to find a resolution to this issue in a manner that works for the public, depots, ABCRC, and manufacturers. We acknowledge the frustration we are hearing from all sides of this issue and have committed to having an industry supported solution by July 12, 2019.

In an effort to better understand the volume of unlabeled containers being shipped to ABCRC from depots, in June 2019, the Industry Leadership Committee engaged in a study. ABCRC staff were asked to count the number of unlabeled beverage containers received in shipping containers and report that number outside of the quality control process for purposes of the study. However, a communication error occurred and ABCRC staff reported unlabeled containers found through this study as non-system containers on depot Audit Summary Reports (ASR). As a result, some depots were not paid for these containers.

ABCRC discovered this error today and confirmed that the error has affected audits since June 12, 2019. ABCRC further confirmed that they will work to reverse any payments affected by this error and will post those adjustments, where appropriate, in the QMS through revised ASRs.

The BCMB can confirm that no quality control progressive action has been enforced on any depot in relation to this issue and that quality control will be carefully monitored in this regard going forward.

The BCMB would like to apologize for this error and for the additional frustration this has caused the industry.

For more information about the research being conducted please contact the ABDA. If you believe you have an adjustment that was not corrected by July 1 please create a ticket using QMS identifying the ASR in question.

Sandra Pinheiro