Theft of Vehicle and Containers from Depot in Calgary

Attn: Depot Network:

The BCMB has been notified of the theft of a white Ford one-ton cube van containing a large quantity of assorted bottle drive containers from a Depot in north Calgary. The theft occurred late Saturday or early Sunday morning.

Please remain attentive to any customers returning unusually large volumes of materials. This product may soon appear at your Depot, particularly if you are in the Calgary area.

Should you have reason to believe that this product has arrived at your Depot, have the customer fill out the Container Validation Request (CVR) form (attached), do not pay for these containers, and contact the BCMB immediately at 1-888-424-7671.

If the customer remains unwilling to fill out the form and wishes to leave with the product they may do so but please make note of the encounter and notify the BCMB.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


Brent Campbell

Manager, Compliance



Laura Nelson