Theft of Containers from GP Brewing

Attention Depot Operators and Staff,

The Beverage Container Management Board (BCMB) received notification from one of the Grande Prairie area Depots that GP Brewing called to inform them of the theft of 14,800 of their Mercury Strong aluminum cans. These containers have never contained a beverage so they are clean and do not have tops/are not sealed.

Please be aware that these non-deposit bearing containers could be brought into your Depot (especially if you are in Grande Prairie or the surrounding area). If you suspect that these containers have arrived at your Depot, fill out the CVR form on the quality monitoring system and do not pay for these containers. Please quarantine the containers at your Depot – do not provide a refund to the customer and do not ship the containers to ABCRC unless advised by the BCMB. Be sure to document how many bags/containers were left and provide the customer with the BCMB phone number so they know who to contact should they have questions.

If the customer is unwilling to provide any information and wishes to leave with the product they may do so but please make note of the encounter and notify the BCMB. You may also contact local authorities to report a description of the customer, their vehicle, etc as they will likely have an open file.

Sandra Pinheiro