IMPORTANT UPDATE: Converted Refillable Containers to NonRefillable Containers - RETRACTED

Please be advised that the BCMB is retracting the Depot Notices sent on Friday September 14, 2018 and Wednesday September 19, 2018 regarding Refillables Converted to Non-Refillables. The BCMB’s database previously displayed incorrect information that needed to be addressed internally. After further review, we understand that these Notices have caused some unnecessary confusion. This process will be reviewed internally to ensure this doesn’t occur again in the future.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Please proceed with sorting these containers as you would have prior to these Notices being issued. The BCMB Portal has been revised to reflect the appropriate sorting based on the particular container type. The BCMB will deal with this registration cleanup internally so that there is minimal effect to the Depot Network going forward.

The BCMB remains committed to bringing accuracy, transparency and fairness through the Alberta Deposit System.

If you have any questions, please direct them to Melissa Malin at 780-424-3193 ext. 221 or Toll Free: 1-888-424-7671 or by email .

Thank you.

Laura Nelson