ReaLemon and ReaLime Containers

ATTN: Depot Permit Holders and Staff

It has come to the attention of BCMB that Walmart has recently been charging a deposit and CRF on ReaLemon and ReaLime containers. These containers are not registered and are not part of the system. As such, they should not be accepted for a refund or shipped to the ABCRC by any Depot. For your reference, a picture of the container is below.

The BCMB Registrations Team has been in communication with Walmart to rectify this issue and Walmart is aware that we are advising customers to return the ReaLemon and ReaLime containers to the stores they were purchased from for a refund of the deposit.

If you receive any complaints from customers, please direct them to their local Walmart for a refund of the deposit or direct them to the BCMB website for more information. All notices are posted on the website at

For more information please contact the BCMB offices at 1-888-424-7671

Laura Nelson