Updated In-Depot Compaction Value Added Fees

Attn: Depot Managers

The Value Added Fees (VAF) for the In-Depot Compaction Services Agreement have recently been updated by the BCMB.

As of July 9, 2018 these rates will be active and paid as per the  tables in In-Depot Compaction Services Agreement.

The effective date for these rates is October 1st 2017 and as such ABCRC will be making retroactive payments at a later date for these updated VAFs. A further communication will be issued to confirm when this will be completed.

A listing of these VAFs can be found in Schedule ‘A’ of the  In Depot Compaction Services Agreement document.  These VAFs are paid to Depots that have a signed agreement with the Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation (ABCRC) to provide Compaction Services under the In-Depot Compaction Services Agreement.

If you have questions regarding In-Depot Compaction Services Agreement or the VAFs, please contact the BCMB at 1-888-424-7671.

If you need a copy of the In-Depot Compaction Services Agreement you can request it by email at info@albertadepot.ca. 

Laura Nelson