Time and Motion Study

Attn: Depot Network

The BCMB will be completing a Time an Motion study at depot locations throughout the months of June to September 2018. Approximately 20 depot locations will be chosen to participate in the study. The study will be conducted through a third-party company called ProSolve and will be managed by the BCMB’s Data Collection Agent.

The Time and Motion study is conducted to determine direct labor hours and space allocations required for handling each of the different types of material streams for purposes of determining handling commissions. The next Handling Commission Review will commence in February 2019.

The BCMB requires your assistance if chosen. If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please do not hesitate to contact either:

Dana Davies
Data Collection Agent, MNP
(780) 429-5872


Blaire Charlton-Gaalaas
Director, Policy, BCMB
(780) 424-3193, ext. 227

Laura Nelson