ABCRC Communication: Tag Mis-prints

Depot Operator,

Over the past month, ABCRC has become aware of two distinct issues with the quality of the most recent distribution of bag tags that your depot would have received in March of this year. ABCRC has reviewed each of these issues with our bag tag supplier and they have implemented additional administrative controls to reduce to risk of reoccurrence in the short term and have begun exploring technology solutions for the long term.

Issue # 1 – the printed bar code contains less than 20 digits


As seen in the image to the right the bar code is missing a digit. This issue will cause an immediate scanning issue at ABCRC and could cause issue with depots that scan this code into a POR system. This type of error is very rare and should be a one off, meaning the remaining tags on the roll are printed correctly and should scan with no issue. Please note that this type of misprint can occur on all tag types. Should your depot encounter one of these tags please stop and do not use the tag.  Please remove the misprinted tag, and use a replacement.  Please advise ABCRC of the error, and include an image of the incorrect tag in your communication via email to

Issue # 2 – The item code on Glass 0-1 bag tags does not match the imbedded item code in the bar code


As seen in the image to the right the primary item Glass 0-1 (3006) printed in the upper left corner of the bag tag does not match the item code printed in the bar code. This misprint only applies to Glass 0-1 bag tags. While this misprint will not create any immediate scanning issues, this sequencing will eventually overlap with existing bar codes, which will negatively affect eR-Bill transmissions from Depots and bar code scans at ABCRC. Production records indicate there are about 33,000 tags in circulation with this error.  ABCRC is asking every depot to review the rolls of Glass 0-1 (3006) bag tags that they received in March of this year and segregate all rolls that show this type of error. If you find roll matching the description above please send an email to indicating how many rolls your depot has identified. ABCRC will arrange to retrieve any incorrectly printed bag tags and courier out replacement inventory to your depot.


Thank you for your assistance and understanding.

Colin Carter

VP Operations


Laura Nelson