ABCRC Communication

ABCRC would like to recognize and thank Depot owners and their staff for the tremendous efforts made during the month of May. Our system recovered a record 229 million non-refillable beverage containers in a single month which surpassed the previous record for any month by over 10%. With this surge in volume behind us, a small window exists between now and the end of June to review our position on bags and pallets.

Since January, non-serialized white and blue bags have been kept in circulation primarily due to NAV limitations but also to assist with handling the high volumes in May. With more NAV improvements now implemented, along with the receipt a new serialized bag shipment from our bag supplier, ABCRC is now positioned to begin actively removing non-serialized bags from circulation. Feedback through the Quality Monitoring system and verbal communication has indicated that a number of Depots are either over or under supplied with bags and pallets. With a focus of being ready for summer volumes, ABCRC will be reaching out to each Depot individually over the next several days to understand your current positon on supplies, and correct your position accordingly.

A number of Depots have requested if ABCRC would be willing to sell decommissioned non-serialized bags for use in the community or at commercial accounts. Given the support the Depot network has afforded ABCRC during the NAV transition, ABCRC is offering to donate decommissioned non-serialized bags to any Depot that wants them, at no charge. If your Depot is interested in acquiring non-serialized bags please email your respective Operations Manager.  If your Depot is not interested in acquiring the non-serialized bags in your possession we would ask that you please prioritize the filling and shipment of the non-serialized bags to assist in the removal of these non-serialized bags from circulation.

Please note that filled non-serialized bags shipped to ABCRC will not be returned to Depots nor replaced on future C-Bills. Requests will be handled on a first come, first serve basis but will be balanced between all the Depots making requests under this offer. Please do not arbitrarily remove non-serialized bags from your inventory without contacting us as this may create a supply shortage for you that will materialize once summer volumes start in July.

Contact information for ABCRC’s Operations Managers

Northern Alberta - Vince Moroz, phone: 1-780-777-3760 email:
Southern Alberta – Trevor Koley, phone: 1-403-333-4919 email:

Thank you again for everyone’s efforts during May.

Colin Careter
VP, Operations

Laura Nelson