RE: Miller Genuine Draft (MGD) Beverage Containers


The Beverage Container Management Board (BCMB) has approved a request from Molson Coors that their unique Miller Genuine Draft (MGD) beer bottle be collected as a refillable container to allow them to wash and reuse the containers. At the April 25th BCMB Board Meeting, the Miller Genuine Draft (MGD) clear 355 ml bottles (picture attached) was approved as a new registered refillable container along with a Handling Commission and will now be shipped to Brewers Distributor Limited (BDL). To date, these containers have been registered as one-way (non-refillable containers) and have been shipped to the ABCRC in the Glass 0-1 litre sort.

The deposit refund provided to the customer by the depot will be $0.10, as the containers are under 1L in volume. The BDL SKU number for this bottle will be # 311.

Please Note the Following:
• The change is effective immediately and we require that Depots Operators begin sorting and shipping as described below to accommodate this change.

• It is very important that these unique bottles are sorted separately from Industry Standard Bottles (ISB).

• When sufficient volumes allow:

o MGD bottles are to be palletized at the:

▪ standard 24 dozen per layer, 5 layers high, for a total of 120 dozen OR ▪ 24 dozen per layer, 7 layers high, for a total of 168 dozen

o MGD bottles are to kept separate from all other BDL refillables and all other non- refillable bottles.

• When combining low return volumes, BDL requests that where possible, group and palletize the returns of Steam Whistle, Sleeman, Moosehead, and dirty/chipped bottles in separated and full layers of 24 dozen.

• If your location typically experiences low return volumes of MGD bottles, these cases, in full-dozen quantities, may be combined on the same layer with similarly low returns of Steam Whistle, Sleeman, Moosehead, and dirty/chipped ISB.

However, given the significance of this change, the BCMB and the ABCRC understand that these containers may be inadvertently missorted over the next two weeks. Therefore, any ABCRC quality control audits conducted on Glass 0-1L, that finds any clear 355 mL MGD containers as described above, will accept the product as one-way glass.

This 2-week grace period will expire on May 25, 2018. After that time, any of MGD found in one- way glass bags during an audit will not be eligible for remittance of deposit or handling commission.

If you have any further questions or concerns related to this change, please email:

Dan White, Director Operations, BCMB


Brent Campbell, Manager Compliance, BCMB

Laura Nelson