Beverage Container Image Request

Can you find these Containers at your Depot?



Last October we asked you which containers were most common to each sort in your depot and you gave us a lot of good information. We want images of the most popular products sold and returned by your customers to add to the BCMB Portal. We have found most of them but there are a few left that we have not been able to take pictures of.

As always, we appreciate your help in making our database the best it can be. If you are able to send us a usable set of pictures of any container on the attached list, you will be entered into the monthly draw for a $50 Pizza Party for your staff. Please submit your pictures through the Quality Monitoring System (QMS).

A usable picture set must show the Brand, Flavour, Size, Material, and UPC if there is one. Make sure the UPC Numbers are facing the camera (not off to the side) so they can be easily read. Please include the entire container in the pictures. The best pictures are without hands or other containers in the background. Please see examples below. These images were taken with a flattened cardboard box behind/under the container.

If you have any questions, please direct them to Heather Banyard by email at or by phone at 780-424-3193 x234 or 1-888-424-7671.

Laura Nelson