Suspected Out of Province Containers – Lloydminster and Surrounding Areas

Attention Depot Operators and Staff,

The Beverage Container Management Board (BCMB) received notification from a Central Alberta Depot that a couple in their late 40’s to early 50’s attempted to bring in a large load of containers from Quebec. The female had red hair and the male had a toque and glasses on, was loud spoken with a French accent. The containers were brought to the depot in large black garbage bags consisting of mostly 0-lL Clear PET and Neilson Milk Cartons. The couple drove a white Honda Truck with Alberta license plate BMY 6878. When asked to complete a Container Validation Request (CVR) form, the customer declined, took the out of province material back and left.

Please be aware that these containers could be brought into your Depot in the near future (especially if you are in close proximity to the Lloydminster area). If you suspect that these containers have arrived at your Depot, request that the individual fill out the CVR form and do not pay for these containers. Please quarantine the containers at your Depot – do not provide a refund to the customer and do not ship the containers to ABCRC until advised by the BCMB. Be sure to provide the customer with the BCMB phone number so they know who to contact regarding these containers.

If the customer remains unwilling to fill out the form and wishes to leave with the product they may do so but please make note of the encounter and notify the BCMB.

Laura Nelson