Fall 2018 Shipping Container Inventory

October 22, 2018

Attention: Depot Owner/Operator

Re: Fall shipping container inventory reporting

Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the beverage container return system in Alberta, including the management of shipping containers, is a priority for our industry. As you are aware, there is a provision in the Service Agreement that Depots must complete a bi-annual inventory of all shipping containers when asked to by ABCRC. The agreement identifies September 30, 2018 as the next target date to complete this requirement, however industry partners agreed to adjust this date to October 31, 2018.

ABCRC, in collaboration with the ABDA, has made the shipping container inventory reporting process available to you electronically through an online reporting form distributed through Wufoo. In addition to hopefully saving you time from the old manual process, this new process will allow for a more accurate, streamlined system that will provide easier access for you to report your inventories, and for you to receive a copy of what was submitted. 

The information required is critical to ensure that we correctly calculate the inventory levels assigned to your Depot. A further requirement is that ABCRC is held accountable by the BCMB to ensure a sufficient volume of shipping container exist in the system.

A reminder notice and link to the survey will be sent to you October 26, 2018, however the reporting deadline will be the end of business on October 31, 2018. Once you receive the link, you may complete this inventory at any point between then and October 31, 2018 but you must indicate the date and time it was completed when you submit your inventory.

If you are unable to complete your inventory by October 31, 2018, please let us know what date your inventory will be completed.

Please review the following important dates:

October 26                         Reminder notice and link to survey sent to all Depots by ABDA

October 31                        Inventory Report due (end of business)

November 2                       ABCRC to begin contacting Depots by telephone who are delinquent in submitting their inventories.

November 9                       A QM ticket will be issued to Depots who still have not reported – elevating this to Level 2 (as per Schedule C Section3.9 of the service agreement)

November 19                     QM ticket issued to Depots who still have not reported – elevating this to Level 3 (as per Schedule C Section 3.9 service agreement)

If you have questions about this request or about completing your form please contact:

Operations Manager Northern Alberta:  Vincent Moroz: 1-780-777-3760
Operations Manager Southern Alberta:  Trevor Koley: 1-403-333-4919

Thank you for your support in making this initiative a success.

Sandra Pinheiro